What we found from running competition sessions

We’ve now run two sessions at a local library, and drawn a few conclusions.

The first is that doing voluntary work at the library is fun. We already knew this from our work with Code Club and storytelling, but it was good to be reminded.

In terms of the app, though, the major finding was that even children who are confident that they know their multiplication tables do not. The Math Tennis app requires the player to know their multiplication tables very well; if you don’t know the answers, the game is difficult. From a marketing angle, this is a real downer: parents are the people likely to make decisions about purchasing the game, and if their children proudly state that they know their times tables, parents are likely to believe them.

The second major finding for us was that the app definitely needs adapting. We spoke to ‘our’ programmer and the changes are booked in for February; hopefully this will make the app a good deal more playable.

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