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Do your children lack confidence in their Maths ability? Do you teach Maths to struggling school children? Help children to master Multiplication Tables and Number Bonds with our UNIQUE system. Improve the confidence, ability and interest of children aged 4-11. Available on tablet, computer and smartphone. Take a look at a short video clip  




Blinking Lizard Maths App

How It Works

The games allow players intense, autonomous practice in all four of the basic math operations of multiplication, division, addition and subtraction, accelerating children’s progress, improving speed of recall and giving them a firm foundation for the more advanced math they will face in the future. Players manipulate the bat using one of the basic maths… Read more…

Educational Benefits

Adds self-confidence

Takes away the stress of maths

Multiplies mental agility

Divide your class into teams

Fun Learning

Latest from the Blog

What we found from running competition sessions

We’ve now run two sessions at a local library, and drawn a few conclusions. The first is that doing voluntary work at the library is fun. We already knew this from our work with Code Club and storytelling, but it was good to be reminded. In terms of the app, though, the major finding was… Continue Reading…

If you’re finding this difficult…

If, as Wendy Jones of the UK’s National Numeracy charity states, children’s interest and attainment in maths dip between the ages of seven and nine, “in most cases, never to return”, what is going on in this period? One answer is that maths gets difficult. One moves from number bonds and simple addition and subtraction… Continue Reading…

Library events

This sounds like it’s going to be fun. It looks like we’re going to run a little competition for local elementary school children in a library in a nearby historic town to give the children the chance to show off their mastery of the times tables and win a prize. We’ve been involved in a… Continue Reading…

United World Schools

Blinking Lizard Software supports United World Schools, providing education to children in remote communities

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About Blinking Lizard

Blinking Lizard Software is based in Exeter in the county of Devon, England. We develop game-based learning software to make learning more fun and efficient. We are a small team with backgrounds in teaching, game design and software development.

Why ‘Blinking Lizard’?

In 2006, a prominent British politician declared that video gaming “…teaches nothing. It stimulates no ratiocination, discovery or feat of memory”. His verdict? Players “become like blinking lizards, motionless, absorbed, only the twitching of their fingers showing that they are still conscious”. We disagree!

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